Born ca. 1969

October 3, 2004(2004-10-03) (aged 35)
Kalora, Indonesia

Cause of death Killed by angry mob
Attack information
Date October 3, 2004
Location(s) Kalora, Indonesia
Killed 5
Injured 11
Weapon(s) Dagger

Nantjo (also identified as Nanje) was an Indonesian who killed five people and seriously wounded eleven others in Kalora, a village five kilometres west of PaluIndonesia on October 3, 2004, before being killed himself.[1]

Was mentally ill, had been kept in shackles for over a year by family, was freed shortly before murders, that night residents had gathered at subdistrict hall for a traditional celebration, At 8 p.m. Nantjo, 35, a resident of neighbouring Kanuna, burst into hall, attacked people with a knife, people first fled, but then fought back and killed him with stones. Injured 18 people, four of whom later died in hospital. About 200 police officers were dispatched to the scene to maintain order.[2][3]

Besides Nantjo one person died at the scene, while three others died in hospital.[4]

Tido died at scene from stomach wound, among the injured were two children, most of the others were women, 12 seriously wounded, Khitan celebration at home of Luje in Kaurak village [5]


  • Fadel
  • Lesi, 21
  • Naiya
  • Tido, 29
  • Yulia, 23

Among those wounded were

  • Ahmad Syarif
  • Celi
  • Haryati
  • Ita
  • Kristin
  • Jamiah
  • Jedi
  • Mega
  • Njude
  • Norma



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