Nebil Ehlil
Born ca. 1945

April 16, 1969(1969-04-16) (aged 23)
İshaklar, Turkey

Cause of death Shot by police
Attack information
Date April 16, 1969
Location(s) İshaklar, Turkey
Killed 10
Injured 6
Weapon(s) Gun

Nebil Ehlil was a Turk who killed ten people and seriously wounded six others in İshaklar, a village near Gülnar, Turkey on April 16, 1969.

Ehlil, who had been released from a prison in Istanbul four months prior, wanted to marry a woman named Rahime Şahin, but her family objected to the union. On the morning of April 16 he repeated his proposal, and when he was rejected again, he took a gun and wounded Rahime, as well as her father Kadir, and killed her mother Ümmü. The 23-year-old then proceeded to attack other people in the village who had disagreed with his relationship, until he was shot dead by police. His brother-in-law Mustafa Kark was afterwards arrested under the suspicion of having been Ehlil's accomplice.[1][2][3][4]


  • Ayşe Armut
  • Ayşe Balcı
  • Veli Bıçak
  • Ali Çeşme
  • Fındık Coşer
  • Nefise Gök
  • Durmuş Ali Karakuş
  • Ahmet Nar
  • Ümmü Şahin
  • Ali Yaman

Those wounded were:

  • Meryem Almalı
  • Kemal Aydın
  • Ahmet Gök
  • Kadir Şahin
  • Rahime Şahin
  • Rahime Yaman


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