Newtown: An American Tragedy
Newtown - An American Tragedy
Covers of the hardcover and softcover edition.
Author(s) Matthew Lysiak
Published 2013
Publisher Gallery Books
Country United States
Pages 264
ISBN 9781476753744

Newtown: An American Tragedy is a book by Matthew Lysiak, published by Gallery Books, New York City, NY, in 2013.



Sandy Hook Elementary School

Newton, Connecticut

we remember the numbers: 20 children and 6 adults, murdered in a place of nurture and trust. We remember the names: teachers like Victoria Soto, who lost her life protecting her students. A shooter named Adam Lanza. And we remember the questions: outraged conjecture instantly monopolized the worldwide response to the tragedy—while the truth went missing.

here is the definitive journalistic account of Newtown, an essential examination of the facts— not only of that horrific day but the perfect storm of mental instability and obsession that preceded it and, in the aftermath of unspeakable heartbreak, the controversy that continues to play out on the national stage. Drawn from previously undisclosed emails, police reports, and in-depth interviews, Newtown: An American Tragedy breaks through a miasma of misinformation with its comprehensive and astonishing portrayal.

this is the vital story that must be told—today—if we are to prevent another American tragedy in the days to come.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
Foreword by Monsignor Robert Weiss xi
Chapter 1: Last Good-byes 1
Chapter 2: The Winter Concert 9
Chapter 3: Adam Lanza's First Day 17
Chapter 4: The High School Years 40
Chapter 5: Enter Kaynbred 55
Chapter 6: Warning Signs 65
Chapter 7: The Public Servants 79
Chapter 8: Five Minutes, 154 Bullets 84
Chapter 9: First Responders 114
Chapter 10: Something Is Wrong at Sandy Hook 132
Chapter 11: Fog of War 139
Chapter 12: Twenty-six Dead 153
Chapter 13: House of Horrors 163
Chapter 14: The Three Days After 173
Chapter 15: Twenty-six Funerals 180
Chapter 16: The Trial of Nancy Lanza 203
Chapter 17: The Perfect Storm 207
Chapter 18: Glory Killer 228
Chapter 19: The Newtown Effect 234
Chapter 20: A Time to Heal 242
Afterword 255
Acknowledgments 263


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