Author(s) Petee, Thomas A.
Padgett, Kathy G.
Year 2000
Title Offense, Offender and Victim Characteristics of Public Mass Murder Incidents in the United States: 1975-1999
Published in Blackman, Paul H., et al.: The Varieties of Homicide and Its Research - Proceedings of the 1999 meeting of the Homicide Research Working Group; FBI Academy, Quantico, VA.
Pages 226–235
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Abstract Mass murder has attracted considerable attention over the past decade largely due to several high profile incidents. This paper explores the context of mass murder occurring in both public and private settings in the United States between 1975 and 1999 using data derived from newspaper articles. Key factors such as offender background, victim-offender relationship, and weapon choice are examined in order to better understand the context of this type of homicide.
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