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Omashaka massacre
Date March 27, 1981
Location(s) Omashaka, Namibia
Killed 8
Injured 12
Perpetrator 18-year-old soldier
Weapon(s) Assault rifle

The Omashaka massacre was a mass murder that occurred in Omashaka, a village five miles north of Ondangwa in Ovamboland, Namibia on March 27, 1981, when a black soldier killed eight people and wounded twelve others, two of them seriously, before being arrested.

The 18-year-old soldier, a member of the 101 Battalion, was reported to have shot at shoppers in a trading or liquor store, and at people sitting in front of their huts with an assault rifle, killing three soldiers and five women, and wounding two other soldiers and ten civilians.[1][2][3]


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