Płock Governorate amok case
Date July 1847
Location(s) Płock Governorate, Russian Empire
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Hatchet

In July 1847 a bailiff killed eight people at a manor house in Płock Governorate, Congress Poland, Russian Empire.

The bailiff was about to be dismissed by his long-time employer for demanding higher wages. Enraged he went to his employers home, which was located near the German border, about two miles from Thorn, and killed him in his sleep with a hatchet. When the man's wife and two children, who slept in the same room, awoke he murdered them, too, and afterwards killed the nurse, who was crying for help, as well as the maidservant, and two youngest children in an adjacent chamber. The man was later arrested.[1][2]


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