Ethnicity Dayak
Occupation Policeman
Attack information
Date September 17, 1925
~1:45 p.m.
Location(s) Kuching, Kingdom of Sarawak
Killed 4
Injured 27-29
Weapon(s) Parang

Panggi was a Dayak policeman who killed four people and wounded at least 27 others in Kuching, Kingdom of Sarawak on September 17, 1925.

At about 1:45 p.m. Panggi, who had behaved strangely for several days, armed himself with a parang, slashed at two other constables in the bachelors' barracks, and then made his way to the nearby bazaar in Carpenter street, where he ran amok among the crowd and attacked people in- and outside the shops. A man and two children died on the spot, and one other person died in hospital, while 27 more were seriously injured, including three women.

When the alarm was raised O. Lang, the superintendent of the police station, and his colleague Mr. Ennion armed themselves with a rifle and rushed to the scene. They caught Panggi coming out of a shop and immediately incapacitated him with a shot in the knee. Protesting "I haven't done anything wrong, sir!"[1] he was arrested and taken to hospital.[2][3]

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  • Jalliang, a Dayak who ran amok at the bazaar in Kuching in 1889


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