Penang amok case
Date September 3, 1892
7 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Location(s) Penang, British Malaya
Killed 1-3
Injured 15-18
Weapon(s) Curved sword

During the evening of September 3, 1892 a young Malay from Sarawak killed one person and wounded 17 others in Penang, British Malaya, before being shot by police.[1]

The man was among 57 people who had travelled from Sarawak to Perak where they had been promised work, but when their expectations were disappointed their tindal (coolie overseer) brought them to Penang, from where they should be taken to Kedah.

Around 7 p.m. on the aforementioned date the Malay, who had been ill with fever for three days, armed himself with a curved sword and left the house in Acheen Street, in which the group lodged, through a side-door. On the lane outside he chased a man towards Acheen Street, which was crowded with people at the time, as it was a big prayer night for the Chinese, and there was a grand wayang going on, as well as a show at the Pitt Street temple. Out on the street the man fatally slashed a Hindu, and furthermore wounded 14 Chinese, two of them critically, two Klings, and a 12-year-old Malay boy.

Alerted by the people's screams lance-corporal Mat of Carnarvon Street station rushed to the scene, and upon seeing the amok picked up a kandar (a stick to carry buckets) and hit him on the neck, causing the Malay to turn against him and wounding him slightly. Chased by the amok Mat fled back to the police station to fetch a gun, where constable Mat Wee was already standing at the door with a rifle in hand. When the Malay approached the station Wee fired a shot at him, but missed. With the amok in pursuit Mat Wee fled out into the street, where the attacker directed his attention to a Chinese passer-by. Noticing the amok's distraction Mat Wee reloaded his rifle and shot him in the thigh. The perpetrator was forthwith disarmed by arriving police and brought to hospital, where he died the following night. Overall the incident had lasted for about thirty minutes,[2][3] and some reports indicated that the two critically injured Chinese may have died.[4][5]


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