Peter Christian Hansen
Peter Hansen and wife
Wedding photo of Hansen and his wife.
Background information
Occupation Farmer
Born (1913-01-31)January 31, 1913
Nejede, Denmark
Penalty Found to be insane
Attack information
Date April 14, 1949
Location(s) Nejede, Denmark
Target(s) Family
Killed 7
Weapon(s) Bare hands

Peter Christian Hansen was a Danish farmer who killed his wife and six children in Nejede, near Hillerød, Denmark on April 14, 1949. He was arrested, found to be insane and taken to a mental hospital to be held there indefinitely on August 23, 1950.

Peter Hansen farm

The farm where the murders were committed.



  • Elna Elisabeth Hansen, 32, his wife
  • Børge Frede Hansen, 10, his son
  • Svend Aage Hansen, 8, his son
  • Ole Peter Hansen, 6, his son
  • Benthe Margrethe Hansen, 4, his daughter
  • Knud Viggo Hansen, 3, his son
  • Hans Christian Hansen, 1, his son


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