Peter Grachev
Occupation Farmer
Penalty 10 years in prison
Attack information
Date July 26, 1925
Location(s) Ivankovo, Soviet Union
Target(s) Villagers
Killed 17
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Rifles/Shotguns

Peter Grachev (also spelled Grachef and Grachoff) was a Russian peasant who killed 17 people and wounded three others in Ivankovo, a village in Sudislavsky District, Soviet Union on July 26, 1925.

When the Soviet government redistributed the land a few years prior to the murders Grachev tried to obtain a certain lot, and was irate when it was assigned to one of his neighbours instead. At first he complained, thinking that the other farmers had tricked him, but eventually became morose and quiet, only occasionally muttering: "Just wait and see; I'll get even with everybody," though none of the other villagers took his threats seriously.

At last Grachev sold all of his property and belongings, and sent his wife to relatives for a vacation. On July 26, when the other peasants were out in the fields for harvesting he set fire to several houses and then position himself with up to a dozen rifles, or shotguns behind a bush near the road to ambush the villagers as soon as they returned to extinguish the flames. He also shot at at a group of fire fighters from a neighbouring village, forcing them to withdraw, and killed 12 horses.

When Grachev finally fled 17 of the roughly 50 inhabitants of the village were dead, three other people, inluding the head of the fire fighters, were wounded, and 13 of the 14 houses were destroyed by the fire. He was sought by a special detachment of the milita, but could not immediately be found.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Grachev was eventually arrested, found to be sane, and sentenced to ten years of solitary confinement, the maximum sentence for his offenses at the time. According to the later reports concerning his conviction he had killed his wife, his children, and his servants, before burning down his own farm, and then went to the village where he set a fire that eventually destroyed sixteen houses and more than 60 barns. Furthermore he shot dead eleven of the villagers when they rushed to the scene, and also killed eight horses.[9][10][11]


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