Pierre Schumann
Occupation Drover
Born ca. 1890
Attack information
Date December 28, 1907
7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Location(s) Paris, France
Killed 0
Injured 5 – 12
Weapon(s) Dagger
Two pocket knives

Pierre Schumann (also identified as Pierre Chanan) was a French drover who wounded up to twelve people in Paris, France on December 28, 1907.[1]

Schumann lived with his family, which comprised of seven persons, in an apartment in a small house located in the rue du Trésor. He worked as a cattle drover, and twice a week went to the La Villette quarter of the city to wait for orders from dealers.

On the evening of December 28, at about 6 p.m., Schumann and three of his friends went to the bar of Mr. Bronzin in La Villette, where they drank heavily, mostly absinth. Mr. Bronzin eventually refused to serve them any more alcohol about an hour into the carousal, because of their intoxication, and while his companions left the etablissement after some protests, Schumann became infurated, drew a dagger from his blouse, and yelled: "If this is so, then I will create a disaster. I don't care a bit. Too bad for the one put before my knife, he will be a dead man. I'll start with the proprietor!"[2] He then went to Mr. Bronzin and tried to stab him in the heart, but only injured him in the right hand, was forthwith overpowered by his adversary, and thrown out into the street.

Enraged the 17-year-old shouted: "Now it's over. I have one, I will have others; the first I encounter, I strike down!"[3] and then rushed down the route des Petit-Ponts, which was crowded with employees of nearby factories on their way home. Schumann first attacked Charles Hermant, whom he stabbed three time in the back and side, and then turned against Alexandre Haye, who suffered multiple injuries in his arms and hands. Others wounded were François Tassin, who received a deep cut in the left arm, Léon Giet, who was hit in the left shoulder, Arthur Copin, and Emile Levry Tarent, the latter two seriously. Furthermore a 14-year-old boy, a 10-year-old girl, and at least one woman were also reportedly wounded.[4]

Schumann continued stabbing people until a bystander rushed at him and felled him with a punch in the face that made him lose his weapon. Pursued by 500 people Schumann fled towards his home in the rue de Trésor, drawing on his way two pocket knives, and threatening to gut anyone who tried to stop him. Once at home he barricaded the door and waited until police arrived at the scene. When police commissioner Gaubert ordered him to surrender he replied: "I will never surrender, but if you insist, you and your cops, I will let my dogs devour you."[5] Gaubert threatend to shoot Schumann and his dogs, if he did not hand himself over, but to no avail. Eventually the officers broke open the door and stormed the building with drawn revolvers. Schumann resisted arrest and wounded two policemen, before he could be restrained and bound with cords. He was then taken to the police station under the cheers of the crowd.[6][7][8]


The exact number of victims is unknown and was reported as five, ten and twelve, with several of them identified by various names.

  • Mr. Bronzin/Bronze
  • Arthur Copin
  • Léon Giet/Emile Griet
  • Charles Hermant/Gaston Hermann, 45
  • Alexandre Haye/Victor Hayw, 36
  • Emile Levry Tarent
  • François Tassin/Toffin


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