Profiling the Lethal Employee: Case Studies of Violence in the Workplace
Profiling the Lethal Employee
Author(s) Michael D. Kelleher
Published 1997
Publisher Praeger Publishers
Country United States
Pages 155
ISBN 9780275957568

Profiling the Lethal Employee: Case Studies of Violence in the Workplace is a book by Michael D. Kelleher, published by Praeger Publishers, Wesport, CT, in 1997.


In this exploration of new possibilities for the reduction of workplace violence and occupational homicide within a variety of work environments, Kelleher examines the crimes of the lethal employee or ex-employee and develops a profile of characteristics and behaviors often associated with workplace violence or murder. This profile, in turn, can be used to recognize potential violence before it occurs, allowing employers to devise early and effective intervention strategies. The author develops the profile of the potentially lethal employee through behavioral science models and an analysis of case histories of incidents of occupational homicide.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter* Page
Illustrations ix
Introduction xi
1. Recognizing the Lethal Employee 1
Violence and Murder in the Workplace 3
The Employee as Murderer 6
Profile of the Lethal Employee 8
Personal Characteristics of the Potentially Lethal Employee 9
Behavioral Characteristics of the Potentially Lethal Employee 12
2. Case Studies – A Decade of the Lethal Employee 29
The Awakening 31
Death in the Skies 37
An Obesssion With Laura 42
A Model Employee 50
"I Told Them I'd Be Back" 53
3. Driven to Violence and Murder 105
Imperatives for Violence 109
Notes 125
4. Intervention and Prevention 127
5. Conclusion 143
Appendix 145
Selected Bibliography 149
Index 151

*Sub-chapters are incomplete.

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