Raden Prawiro Direjo
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September 23, 1863
Salatiga, Dutch East Indies

Cause of death Killed
Attack information
Date September 23, 1863
Location(s) Salatiga, Dutch East Indies
Killed 10
Injured 6

Raden Prawiro Direjo was an Indonesian who killed ten people and wounded six others in Salatiga, Dutch East Indies on September 23, 1863, before being killed.[1][2][3]


  • Raden Tumengong Prawiro Kusumo, Direjo's brother-in-law
  • Raden Aiju Prawiro Redjo, Direjo's sister-in-law
  • Rade Wirio Prawiro, nephew of Raden Tumengong
  • Raden Aiju Wirio Prawiro, niece of Raden Tumengong
  • Raden Sura Kusumo, step-father of Raden Aiju
  • Embok Ajing Kalie Gondong
  • Resso
  • Baiman
  • Tjitro
  • Singo Rejo

Wounded were Sudorno, Siekam, Kusen, Maas Aiju Tumengong, and two wives of Raden Tumengong Prawiro Kusumo.


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