Raymond Wilson
Birth name Raymond Wilson
Born ca. 1981
Attack information
Date 2002
Location(s) Fulford Road to A19-A64, United Kingdom
Killed 0
Injured 14
Weapon(s) Forklift

Raymond Wilson was a British man who wounded fourteen people in 2002 in a police chase in the Fulford Road to A19-A64, United Kingdom, before being arrested.

The chase began when 22-year-old Wilson waved to police officers in a forklift he robbed from Dewsbury Terrace in York. He rammed a police van in Skeldergate with the forks of the vehicle and made it collide with a stationary vehicle. As police took off a pursuit, Wilson drove in the wrong way in Fishergate causing vehicles to evade the road. In the Fulford Road to A19-A64, he collided with a BMW, which caused four more vehicles to crash into it. He moved to A64 where he removed a stinger trap laid by police. After a Land Cruiser came up alongside him and managed to force him off the road, he was arrested.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of recklessly endangering lives by causing criminal damage and one of aggravated taking of a vehicle. Fourteen people were injured or "endangered" during the rampage. The judge said that Wilson had a psychopathic disorder and a personality disorder and was dangerous because of his aggressive and irresponsible character. Nicholas Barker, said that his character problems were not Wilson's fault as Wilson had been abused as a child.

Wilson had been deeply affected by a friend's death from an overdose of heroin shortly before the forklift truck incident. He had taken the vehicle by hot-wiring it so he could visit his mother in Liverpool.[1][2]

In May 2009 Wilson was sentenced to jail for two years and ten months for battering a disabled young girl along other people.[3]


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