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Rachel David
Rachel David.png
Background information
Birth name Margit Birgitta Ericsson
Born (1939-11-04)November 4, 1939

August 3, 1978(1978-08-03) (aged 38)
Salt Lake City, Utah, United Sates

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date August 3, 1978
Location(s) Salt Lake City, Utah, United Sates
Killed 6
Injured 1

Rebecca Ericsson David killed six of her children in Salt Lake City, Utah, United Sates on August 3, 1978, before committing suicide with her mother and 6 younger siblings.


With her husband dead of suicide, a woman and her seven children plunged 11 floors from the balcony of a downtown hotel today in an apparent act of religious zealotry. The mother and six of the children died.

Policemen and witnesses said that the woman, Rachel David, 38 years old, had pushed some of the children as they screamed and struggled to hold onto a railing but that at least three older children “jumped of their own volition.”

A 13-year-old girl survived and was in critical condition.

The police said that the deaths came after Immanuel David, 39, a bearded loner, committed suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide.


Rachel's father, Immanuel David believed himself to be a descendent of the House of David. He committed suicide two days before Rachel and her family jumped from the balcony. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Then he came alive.

Immanuel David changed his name from Charles Bruce Longo to Immanuel David because he believed himself to be a prophet of God. Many times he even claimed to be God, Jesus, or the Holy Ghost. He had a small cult of followers called the Family of David. Those who still belong to the Family of David believe that the Star of David belongs to Immanuel, not Jesus. They also believe that when Immanuel killed himself, his family had to be with him because they could not be apart. A former follower said that Immanuel killed himself because he was facing indictment charges of wire fraud or tax evasion. Immanuel's huge ego would not allow him to go to jail so he killed himself.

“All indications are they were religious fanatics and decided to join the father,” said Lieut. Nick Paloukos.

“He believed he was the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ and God — all three at the same time,” said Sgt. Brent Davis, who said he Was a personal friend of Mr. David.

Sergeant Davis said that the family was, devoted to each other, extremely so.” He said, “These people would be completely lost without the father.”


  • Elizabeth David, her daughter, 14
  • Joshua David (born Frank Anthony Longo), her son, 13
  • Deborah David (born Deborah Longo), her daughter, 12
  • Joseph David (born Joseph Benjamin Longo), her son, 9
  • David David (born David Longo), her son, 8
  • Rebecca David, her daughter, 6

Wounded was:

  • Rachel David (born Eva Agnetta Longo), her daughter, 15



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