Recardo Valle
Occupation Hospital worker
Born ca. 1897
Attack information
Date February 20, 1925
Location(s) Guaymas, Mexico
Target(s) Hospital
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Butcher knife

Recardo Valle (also identified amongst others as Essrado and Escarado Valle) was a Mexican hospital worker who killed six people at a hospital in Guaymas, Mexico on February 20, 1925. Apparently after smoking marihuana Valle, a former member of the marine corps of the Mexican Army, went to the hospital kitchen, grabbed a butcher knife, and first killed the cook and another attendant, before running into one of the wards, where he stabbed to death four patients. The 27-year-old was then overpowered by one of the other hospital employees and taken by police to prison, where he stated that he couldn't remember anything about the murders and protested that he was innocent.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


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