Author(s) Böckler, Nils
Seeger, Thorsten
Year 2013
Title Revolution of the Dispossessed: School Shooters and their Devotees on the Web
Published in Böckler, Nils, et al. (eds.): School Shootings - International Research, Case Studies, and Concepts for Prevention; Springer, New York.
ISBN 9781461455257
Pages 309–339
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-5526-4_14
Abstract An analysis of the self-narratives, self-stagings, and self-glorifications of school shooters circulated by the media, focusing on communicative and ideological elements and investigating the extent and nature of adolescent identification with perpetrators and their ideologies. Online interviews were conducted with a theoretical sample of 31 YouTube users selected to cover a range of relevance (minimum intensity of involvement was participation in online discussions) and diversity of characteristics (attitude, intensity, age, gender). The findings were analyzed by minimal/maximal case comparison. A small identification group characterized by recognition deficits in three crucial areas (family, school, peer group) felt there were strong similarities between their own psychosocial background and those of the shooters, and engaged with school shooters as a strategy of identity assertion.
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