Richard Cervantes
Born ca. 1976
Attack information
Date October 12, 1996
5:45 p.m.
Location(s) Poblacion, Philippines
Killed 3
Injured 15
Weapon(s) Hand grenade

Richard Cervantes was a Filipino who killed three people and seriously wounded fifteen others in barangay Poblacion, Talisay, Philippines on October 12, 1996.

At around 5:45 p.m. the 20-year-old alleged drug addict threw a hand grenade at a group of people standing at a roadside barbecue store, killing three children, and critically injuring amongst others their eight-months pregnant mother, who had to undergo a Caesarean section to save her baby.

According to his cousin Albert Hernando, who was one of the wounded, Cervantes retrieved the grenade from the family's car after he had a heated argument with his father, while others noted that he had been scolded by his neighbours for driving his car too fast. He was arrested immediately after the attack and charged with multiple murder and frustrated murder.[1][2]


  • Alvin Belleza, 5
  • Jonas Belleza, 1, brother of Alvin Belleza
  • Joshua Belleza, 1, brother of Alvin Belleza

Those wounded were:

  • Marites Alima, 22
  • Michael Belleza
  • Janice Belleza, wife of Michael Belleza
  • Edward Darryl Belleza, son of Michael and Janice Belleza
  • Manuel Hermoso
  • Albert Hernando
  • Jake Langamin, 20
  • Joseph Lariosa, 20
  • Aisa Papas, 9
  • Adriano Samson, 30
  • Emma Samson
  • Adriano Samson, son of Emma Samson
  • Edgar Samson, son of Emma Samson
  • Lorna Samson, sister of Emma Samson
  • Gilbert Yares


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