Author(s) Schreiber, Sara
Year 2009
Title Running Amok: Law Enforcement Agencies Reach Across Borders to Teach Tactics and Better Combat Mass Violence
Published in Law Enforcement Technology, Vol. 36, No. 6
Pages 46–51
Abstract History has shown that active shooter incidents occur in clusters and media exposure can fuel the fire. Germany is no exception, and after a shooting spree incident on April 26, 2002 where a 19-year-old gunman opened fire and killed 16 people before killing himself in a school gymnasium, German trainers began mobilizing to prepare officers should a similar situation happen again. Several German State police agencies began training with Polizeitrainer in Deutschland (PiD), as the group had already established itself and had been training jointly with international organizations to devise and practice tactics for four- and two-man teams. Since 2006, PiD has coordinated the European Trainers's Conference in Nuremburg on a yearly basis. This year's training held on March 12, 2009, included over 300 police trainers from 12 different countries. The conference provides an apt platform where trainers can speak to experts, and where members can share with one another their breadth of experience. The training shared by the international law enforcement training venue is discussed in detail throughout the article.
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