Saleng Bin Sulemang

March 22, 1956
Lajang, Indonesia

Cause of death Lynched
Attack information
Date March 22, 1956
Location(s) Lajang, Indonesia
Killed 5
Injured 10
Weapon(s) Dagger

Saleng Bin Sulemang (also identified as Saleng Bin Sulamenag) was an Indonesian from Paringgi who killed five people and wounded ten others in Lajang, a village near Makassar, Indonesia on March 22, 1956.

On that evening, while having a meal together with the husband of his sister-in-law, Saleng drew a dagger and stabbed his companion, wounding him. Afterwards he rushed out of the house and stabbed anyone who crossed his path, until he was beaten to death by the villagers.[1][2][3]


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