Shanghai amok case
Date April 24, 1930
Location(s) Shanghai, China
Target(s) Kuo family
Killed 7
Perpetrator Cook
Weapon(s) Butcher's chopper

During the night of April 24, 1930 a Chinese cook killed seven people in a house in Shanghai, China. The cook, who had been employed for several years by Kuo Tsen-sun, the former governor of Kwangtung, wanted to marry a servant girl of the household, but when Kuo refused to give his permission for the marriage, the man armed himself with a butcher's chopper and murdered the sleeping occupants of the house by decapitating them. After killing Kuo, Kuo's wife, their two sons, aged three and six years, two maidservants, and a man-servant, he escaped together with his sweetheart, but was later arrested. Kuo's five-year-old daughter was spared, because she was the favourite of the murderer's girlfriend.[1][2][3][4][5]


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