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Shawkat Fouad Shakar
Born ca. 1963
Attack information
Date September 23, 1991
Location(s) Maasser el-Chouf, Lebanon
Killed 9
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Gun

Shawkat Fouad Shakar was a Lebanese who killed nine people and wounded three others in Maasser el-Chouf, a town in Chouf District, Lebanon on September 23, 1991. Apparently to avenge the death of his parents and brother Shakar, a displaced Christian, drove from Beirut to the town and shot dead two civilians, a hunter, and a passing soldier. He also fired at an army patrol, killing three and wounding three others, before escaping into the mountains, where he killed two more civilians. The 28-year-old was arrested the following morning by an army patrol not far from the town. On September 25 a previously unknown group called "Revolutionaries of the Mountain" claimed responsibility for the attack. Shakar was handed to a military court on October 3.[1][2][3][4][5]


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