Song Shuangxi
Occupation Farmer

July 1986
Hubei, People's Republic of China

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date July 1986
Location(s) Hubei, People's Republic of China
Target(s) Wife's family
Killed 6
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Butcher's knife

Song Shuangxi was a Chinese farmer who killed six people and wounded three others in Hubei, People's Republic of China in July 1986.

In 1984 Song's wife left their home in Henan and went to live with her parents in Hubei. Even though bigamy was illegal in China, thanks to the help of a court official she was able to marry one of her cousins soon thereafter, and when Song tried to press a lawsuit against her it was blocked by the courts. Exasperated he went to the home of his wife's family where he killed six of his in-laws, and wounded three more with a butcher's knife, before committing suicide.[1][2][3]


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