Stanisław Ławrynowicz
Janusz Obrąpalski
Occupation Student (both)
Born 1902 (Ławrynowicz)
1904 (Obrąpalski)

May 6, 1925(1925-05-06) (aged 22) (Ławrynowicz)
May 6, 1925(1925-05-06) (aged 21) (Obrąpalski)
Wilno, Poland

Cause of death Suicide (both)
Attack information
Date May 6, 1925
11 a.m.
Location(s) Wilno, Poland
Target(s) Joachim Lelewel high school
Killed 3
Injured 9
Weapon(s) Revolvers

Stanisław Ławrynowicz and Janusz Obrąpalski (also spelled Obrąbalski) were two Polish school students who killed three people and wounded nine others at the Joachim Lelewel high school in Wilno, Poland on May 6, 1925. Both of them died during the incident.[1][2]


43 students had final exams, were monitored by school inspector Fedorowicz, deputy superintendent Bronisław Czapski, the principal of the school Biegański, who was known to be very strict, and professor Czesław Jankowski. At 11:05 a.m. Ławrynowicz, after receiving his exam papers, drew revolver, fired two shots at Biegański, whom he resented, wounded him in arm and leg, The other students rushed towards him, Ławrynowicz fired at them, killing Aleksander Zagórski, then drew grenade, before students Bończa-Osmołowski and Symonowicz managed to grab his hands Ławrynowicz pulled the safety pin, causing an explosion that killed him, as well as student Tadeusz Domański, and fatally wounded professor Jankowski, who died in hospital, Bończa-Osmołowski and Symonowicz were seriously,six other students slightly wounded. At the same time another graduate Janusz Obrąpalski began shooting in an adjacent hallway, when he found himself surrounded he tried to detonate a grenade, which failed to explode. Obrąpalski then committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple. Ławrynowicz was a member of the Związek Bezpieczeństwa Kraju, had a collection of bombs, was president of the school's Bratniej Pomocy. The evening before the attack Ławrynowicz and Obrąpalski met at a restaurant,[3]

Various different accounts of the incident were reported by newspapers.

A Times article stated that two students, identified as Lavrynovitch and Obrapalski, were involved in the incident. According to the article, Lavrynovitch, member of an organisation that supported Józef Piłsudski, began shooting at the teachers with a revolver after being told that he had failed exams, whereupon other students tried to disarm him. Lavrynovitch then dropped a hand grenade which killed himself and several other students. Immediately after this Obrapalski, who had also failed the tests, fired several shots at the teachers, wounding a professor and several students, before throwing a hand grenade, which failed to explode. He then committed suicide. Including the perpetrators themselves, five persons were killed, one of them a professor, and six students, as well as the headmaster were wounded.[4]

According to an article in the Neue Freie Presse three students carried out the attack, who were identified as Stanislaus Lawrynowicz, Janusz Obrembalski and Thaddäus Domanski, who was also named Ormanski[5] in other reports. The newspaper reported that Lawrynowicz fired several shots at principal Bieganski, after most of the students had refused to take part at the exams, while at the same time Obrembalski began shooting at the teachers. Domanski then tried to throw a bomb into the group of teachers, which slipped out of his hands and exploded at his feet, killing himself, as well as the two other attackers, and a fourth student named Zagorski. Principal Bieganski was mortally wounded in the attack and professor Jankowski, as well as seven other students were gravely injured. At least four of the wounded students succumbed to their wounds.

An investigation revealed that the students had founded a communist protection organisation to counter the principals strict management of the school. The members of this organisation had met one day before the exams in a tavern to discuss their further actions.[6]

A bomb was later found in one classroom, large enough to blow up the school building.[7][8]


  • Tadeusz Domański, 18, student
  • Czesław Jankowski, teacher
  • Aleksander Zagórski, 20, student

Those wounded were:

  • Biegański, principal
  • Bończa-Osmołowski, student
  • Borysewicz, student
  • Gliński, student
  • Nawrocki, student
  • Studziński, student
  • Symanowicz, student
  • Toczyłowski, student
  • Wojtkiewicz, student


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