The Bath School Disaster
The Bath School Disaster
Author(s) Monty J. Ellsworth
Published 1927
Publisher Monty J. Ellsworth
Country United States
Pages 136

The Bath School Disaster is a book written and published by Monty J. Ellsworth in 1927. It was reprinted by the Bath School Museum Committee in 1991.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
Chapter One – The Bath Consolidated School
Chapter Two – Writer's Experience
Chapter Three – Life of Andrew Kehoe
Chapter Four – Kehoe on the School Board
Chapter Five – Made Own Troubles
Chapter Six – The Farm Conditions
Chapter Seven – Biographies
Chapter Eight – Schoolhouse Plan Donated
Chapter Nine – The Morning of the Blast


  • Monty J. Ellsworth, 1927. (Softcover)
  • Clinton County Historical Society, 1981. (Softcover)
  • Bath School Museum Committee, 1991. (Softcover)
  • Bath School Museum, 2005. (Softcover)

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