The Young Brothers Massacre
The Young Brothers Massacre
Author(s) John R. Woodside
Published 1932
Publisher John R. Woodside
Country United States
Pages 78

The Young Brothers Massacre (Written & Illustrated Especially for Law Enforcement Officers) is a book written and published by John R. Woodside in 1932. It was reprinted by the Greene County Archives & Records Center, Springfield, MO, in 2005.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
Chapter 1 – The Youngs
Chapter 2 – Reasons and Preparation for Officers' Visit to the Young Farm
Chapter 3 – The Killing
Chapter 4 – Rescue of the Dead
Chapter 5 – Turmoil in Wake of the Killers' Escape
Chapter 6 – Capture of the Young Brothers
Chapter 7 – Addenda

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