They Shoot to Kill: A Psycho-Survey of Criminal Sniping
They shoot to kill
Author(s) Ronald Tobias
Published 1981
Publisher Paladin Press
Country United States
Pages 283
ISBN 9780873642071

They Shoot to Kill: A Psycho-Survey of Criminal Sniping is a book by Ronald Tobias, published by Paladin Press, Boulder, CO, in 1981.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
I. Phantom criminals plague the nation/The cases of Carmen Sherbeck, 1975 and Fred Nocella, 1977/Sniping on the rise 1
II. Sniping statistics/The importance of protective distance/Sniper types, barricaded vs. hit-and-run/Symptoms of propensity 15
III. Recent waves of violence/ Whitman on Texas Tower, 1969, shatters the all-American myth 41
IV. When silent sufferers crack/Attebury, 1979/Friel, 1972/Suicidal intents of barricaded snipers/Carattini, 1973 61
V. Essex, 1973/Black rage and guerrilla tactics 77
VI. A shot traced/Death by stray bullets/Danger in the hunting zone/Stationary vs. mobile shooters/Lambright, 1969 119
VII. Unruh, 1949/Thirteen dead in thirteen minutes 141
VIII. The stalking sniper/Son of Sam, 1976-77/ Harmon, 1971 171
Xi. The extremist sniper/Political murder/International vigilante squads/Germany's Fehme/Ku Klux Klan/Snipers and strikers 191
X. More extremist snipers/Assassins and ambushers in guerrilla warfare/Racial militants/Grivas and his radical Greeks, 1955 215
XI. Ambush on de Gaulle at Petit Clamart/Max de la Tocnaye and associates, 1962 235
XII. Self-appointed executioners and ideological- revolutionary assassins 255
XIII. Approaches to the problem/The role of firearms and the incidence of physical violence/ Responsibilities of freedom 271
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