They Wrought Mayhem: An Insight Into Mass Murder
They wrought mayhem
Author(s) Andreas Kapardis
Published 1989
Publisher River Seine Press
Country Australia
Pages 197
ISBN 9780909367398

They Wrought Mayhem: An Insight Into Mass Murder is a book by Andreas Kapardis, published by River Seine Press, Melbourne in 1989.


They Wrought Mayhem examines three random mass murders which took place in 1987. Two of the incidents occurred in Melbourne, Australia, and the other in Hungerford, England. In all three cases apparently normal citizens went on a shooting spree, murdering innocent strangers, leaving a total death toll of more than thirty.

Why did these outrages occur? Were they linked in any way? Can they be explained in purely individual terms, or are there aspects of our society which make them inevitable? Can we prevent such occurrences?

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