Tony de Capua
Occupation Mill worker (unemployed)
Born ca. 1884
Attack information
Date September 3, 1927
Location(s) Youngstown, Ohio, United States
Target(s) Family
Killed 8
Injured 3
Weapon(s) .32-caliber semi-automatic pistol

Tony de Capua was an American unemployed mill worker who killed eight people and wounded three others in Youngstown, Ohio, United States on September 3, 1927. He was arrested after a shootout with police and found to be insane.



  • Mary de Capua, 36, his wife
  • Elizabeth de Capua, 11, his daughter
  • Anna de Capua, 7, his daughter
  • Marie de Capua, 6, his daughter
  • Catherine de Capua, 2 months, his daughter
  • June de Capua, 23 months, his granddaughter
  • Gladys May de Capua, 3 months, his granddaughter
  • Ferdinand Goodwinski, 53, his neighbour

Those wounded were:

  • Gladys de Capua, 24, his daughter-in-law
  • Gavriel Grigorsida, shot in the neck
  • Leo Tyrell, policeman, shot in the groin


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