Tragedy at Aramoana
Tragedy at Aramoana
Author(s) Paul Bensemann
Published 1991
Publisher Cape Catley
Country New Zealand
Pages 264
ISBN 9780908561322

Tragedy at Aramoana is a book by Paul Bensemann, published by Cape Catley in 1991.


On Tuesday November 13, 1990, a 33yr old man ran amok with a semi-automatic rifle in the small seaside community of Aramoana, near Dunedin, New Zealand. There were 13 men, women and children killed and two other children wounded that summer evening, and it was not until nearly 24 hours later than David Gray was himself shot and killed by the police. His victims included his closest neighbours, his local police sergeant, and a family who simply got in the way. He killed 4 children and wounded 2 others, and set fire to a house which burned unchecked throughout the long night which followed. The tragedy at Aramoana shocked the community and the nation.

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