Ulysses Cribbs
Ulysses Cribbs
Background information
Birth name Ulysses L. Cribbs
Born ca. 1945
Penalty Found not guilty by reason of insanity
Imprisoned at Lincoln Regional Center
Attack information
Date November 26, 1977
7:30 p.m.
Location(s) Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Target(s) Guests at Club 89
Killed 1
Injured 25
Weapon(s) 12-gauge pump-action shotgun

Ulysses L. Cribbs was an American who killed one person and wounded 25 others at a nightclub in Omaha, Nebraska, United States on November 26, 1977. He was afterwards arrested, found not guilty by reason of insanity in May 1979, and committed to Lincoln Regional Center, where he remained until his release in 2009.



  • Dennis Lipari, 39

Among those wounded were:

  • Patricia Allison, 27, multiple pellet wounds
  • Jack Gerye, 64, chest pain
  • Doreno Grey, 16, wounds to face and right arm
  • Geoffrey Hamilton, 22, arm wound
  • Hilary Hoesing, 54, wound to arm
  • Frank Kroll, 32, wounds to neck, face and scalp
  • Ruth Lipari, 34, multiple wounds
  • Russell Tooker, 16, multiple wounds to face, neck and chest
  • Dave Wingert, 29


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