We're Dead, Come On In
We're Dead, Come on in
Author(s) Bruce Davis
Published 2005
Publisher Pelican Publishing
Country United States
Pages 303
ISBN 9781589803268

We're Dead, Come On In is a book by Bruce Davis, published by Pelican Publishing, Gretna, LA, in 2005.


In January 1932, ten local lawmen approached two brothers in an isolated Missouri farmhouse. Minutes later, six officers were dead (the highest number of law enforcement officers killed on a single day until September 11, 2001), three were wounded, and the outlaws escaped. After a wild car chase through Oklahoma and across Texas, police finally surrounded Harry and Jennings Young in their Houston hideout. The brutal killings attracted national press (at first Pretty Boy Floyd was rumored to be involved), and these events are still debated in southern Missouri today.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
Preface 7
The Players 9
Part I
Chapter One – Horror Show 17
Chapter Two – Stolen Cars 25
Chapter Three– Aux Arcs 33
Chapter Four – Oklahoma 43
Chapter Five – White Hats Soaked in Blood 49
Chapter Six – The Queen City of the Ozarks 57
Chapter Seven – Brothers in Crime 71
Chapter Eight – The Republic Scuffle 81
Chapter Nine – Strong Cigars 89
Chapter Ten – Jailbreak 99
Chapter Eleven – The Dying Year 105
Part II
Chapter Twelve – Manhunt 117
Chapter Thirteen – Deep in the Heart of Texas 155
Chapter Fourteen – The Concrete Highway 161
Chapter Fifteen – Monday Mourning 171
Chapter Sixteen – The Battle of Walker Avnue 179
Chapter Seventeen – Extra! Extra! 187
Chapter Eighteen – Cleaning Up 195
Chapter Nineteen – First Person 203
Chapter Twenty – Criminology 219
Chapter Twenty-One – The Last Ride of the Young Brothers 225
Chapter Twenty-Two – Augusta Houser's Blues 239
Chapter Twenty-Three – Housepainting 249
Notes 253
Bibliography 299
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