Author(s) Arboleda-Florez, Julio
Holley, Heather
Year 1985
Title What is mass murder?
Published in Pichot, Pierre, et al. (eds.): Psychiatry - The State of the Art, Vol 6; Plenum Publishing, New York.
ISBN 9781461294474
Pages 409–417
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4613-2365-5_63
Abstract Any inquiry into the phenomenon of mass murder is predicated on the theoretical assumption that murderers could be subdivided into relatively homogeneous groups. This is a common assumption one which underlies much of the literature on this subject. Types of murderers which have received attention to date include the sudden murderer, sadistic murderers, sex murderers and mass murderers. In addition, researchers have studied the “spousal homicide syndrome” matricides, murderers found “insane” or mentally ill at the time of their crime, sniping incidents, and multiple infanticides.
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