William Wade
Birth name William Stephen Wade
Ethnicity African-American

August 24, 1909
Monroe, Louisiana, United States

Cause of death Shot dead
Attack information
Date August 24, 1909
9 a.m.
Location(s) Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Target(s) White people
Killed 0
Injured 29
Weapon(s) Double-barreled shotgun

William Stephen Wade was an American who shot and wounded 29 people in Monroe, Louisiana, United States on August 24, 1909, before being shot dead himself.[1]


Was from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, arrived in Monroe shortly prior together with others, made trouble in the area, had several run ins with polcie, exchanged shots.[2][3]


Shortly after 9 a.m. Apparently because two of his friends, among them Henry Staples, who had been shot by a policeman on August 21, angry about the treatment of his race, tried to induce others to join him in taking revenge. shot white people in the main business distirc at Grand and Dosiard streets, First fired at J. J. Jordon who was talking to George McCormack outside the Bank of Monroe, missing Jordon, bur seriously injuring McCormack, then fired a second shot at men standing nearby, then took refuge in a stairway, continued shooting and retreating into stairway to reload, fired about twelve shots, wounded 26/27 white people, three blacks. Four were in serious condition. People rushed to doors to see cause of shooting. After one or two minutes armed citizens engaged the gunman. After an exchange of about 100 shots Wade was killed

Was forced by armed citizens to retreat into a doorway, where he made his last stand. Was killed with a shot through the heart, body was hung from a pole in front of a drug store for half an hour, until the arrival of the coroner who held a short inquest, then was hanged again then placed on a pile of lumber in front of the city hall, soaked with ten gallons of coal oil, and burned in the presence of several thousand people. Attempts of the mayor to dissuade the people from burning the body were unsuccessful

Bought the shotgun jsut minutes prior to the shooting at the Ouachita-Monroe Gun and Bicycle Co. not far from the scene of the shooting, declined offer to buy ammunitio, stating he had all the ammo he needed, which was apparently birdshot. Had a great amount of money with him, fueling rumours that he had been hired by a negor secret society to kill as many white people as possible.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

After the shooting police forces were increased to quelch evntual race riots.



Among the wounded were:

  • Manuel Abramowitz, shot in the face
  • Herman Abrams, shot in the chest
  • Armand Baer, shot in arms and hand
  • Hugh Biggar, patrolman, shot in the abdomen
  • M. Braun, shot in the body
  • D. A. Bread, shot in shoulder
  • C. E. Bynum, shot in the face
  • E. P. Davies, shot in the head
  • G. B. Edwards, shot in the arm
  • D. Ensell, shot in the face
  • Roy Fisher, shot in the hand
  • A. A. Forsythe, mayor, shot in right leg
  • T. A. Grant, deputy sheriff, shot in chest and neck
  • A. A: Grenly, shot in the head
  • I. L. Haas, shot in the chest and head
  • J. L. Kendall, shot in the body
  • Simon Marks, shot in chest and face
  • Albert Marx, shot in the head
  • George McCormack, shot in arm
  • Fred McGrath, shot in the hand
  • J. W. Merriman, shot in the hand
  • R. R. Ross, shot in the body
  • Joseph Thompson, shot in the head
  • D. G. Trousdale


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