Zamboanga amok case
Date June 21, 1952
Location(s) Zamboanga City, Philippines
Target(s) Ship passengers
Killed 12
Injured 14-18
Perpetrators Two men
Weapon(s) Bolos

During the night of June 21, 1952 two Filipinos killed twelve people and wounded at least 14 others aboard the "Grayling", an inter-island ship about to leave the harbour of Zamboanga City, Philippines.[1][2][3]

The two, who were among 70 migrants on the Cotabato-bound ship, apparently were attacked with knives and robbed,[4][5] whereupon they armed themselves with bolos and ran amok among the passangers. Six women and children died at the scene, and at least 20 other people were wounded, eight seriously,[6][7] of whom six later succumbed to their injuries in hospital.[8][9] Many others were reported missing after the incident and presumably drowned.[10][11] One of the two attackers was eventually killed by a ship security officer, while the other was wounded and subdued by a team of police, constabulary, and navy patrol men.[12][13]


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